Travelling to School and Parking

Travelling to School


We are situated to the West of the Sage building and we are nestled between Brunton Wetlands and the Havannah Nature Reserve. As a school, we enjoy and make the most of the benefits of being so close to protected areas of interest and beauty. 

However, being between these areas and being part of a developing house building area bring restrictions with parking.

We therefore encourage everyone, when possible, to travel sustainably (walk, cycle, scoot, run, use public transport etc) to school. This makes the area around our school safer and more pleasant for everyone.


To help with sustainable travel, we:


  •          Have large sheltered bike and scooter storage facilities on site
  •          Have a puncture repair kit on site
  •          Have a staff shower and change facility
  •          Provide cycling lessons as part of our curriculum
  •          Provide road safety talks for children
  •          Teach children about the benefits of sustainable travel
  •          Provide incentives and take part in projects with NCC, Bikeability, Sustrans, Bike 4 Health and Newcastle PE and Sport Service
  •          Work with NGP and NCC towards safer and suitable routes
  •          Regularly remind the school community about the benefits and how everyone can help




We do have a larger than usual car park for staff and visitor use, but this is not large enough for all parents and carers to use at pick up and drop off times. Parking on nearby streets and Primrose Lane is very limited, and in most places restricted by double yellow lines or the School Safety Zone.


Since we opened in the Summer of 2022, we have allowed parents and carers to use the car park and we regularly remind everyone about how to do so safely. Since Summer 2023, we have had access to the Park and Ride facility which is a short walk from school and we now encourage parents and carers to use this as a safer alternative to the school car park. A path is being created which will lead directly from the facility to school and will not require users to cross any roads. This journey is less than 5 minutes. We hope that this path will be completed in the autumn/winter of 2023. In the meantime, we will continue to encourage more parents and carers will use this facility and therefore reduce congestion and pollution around our site.


As the school grows in size, parking will be more difficult and in order to keep everyone safe, access arrangements to our car park could change.


Public Transport


We are on the Q3 route and therefore travel from the city centre and Gosforth is very easy.