Partnership with Parents and Carers

Partnership with Parents and Carers


At Havannah First School we value the partnership between the child’s home and the school and we want you to feel welcome in our school. Parents and carers are involved in school in lots of different ways including:


  • Meeting Teachers Informally

    Teachers, non teaching staff and the Headteacher will always find time to discuss a query or worry with you. Class teachers are usually available at the beginning and end of each school day for you to raise a question or pass on information. This informal contact is invaluable in helping both teachers and parents/carers to learn more about individual children and their needs. This is especially helpful in the early days in Reception. If teachers need to talk to parents about a child they will contact parents/carers in person or by telephone.


  • Helping in School

    We value the help of parents, carers and grandparents both in school or at home. Some people help with classroom activities, others hear readers, sew, make costumes for plays, accompany us on educational outings – the list is endless, and we are always grateful for such support. If you are able to help in any way at all ask your child’s Class Teacher and call in at the school office for more information, including how to apply for DBS clearance.


  • Homework and Supporting Learning

    Your child will benefit enormously from talking about learning, practising reading, maths and writing and from being encouraged to enjoy school and take opportunities which school provides. We provide workshops occasionally to support you to do this at home, teachers will always be happy to suggest ways in which you can help.


  • Parent, Teacher and Friends Association

    All parents and carers are automatically members of the PTFA which arranges social events and fundraising activities for the benefit of the children. Regular newsletters and notices will keep you informed. Some parents run the PTFA as a committee but all parents are welcome at all meetings.


  • Coffee Mornings and Workshops

    In September each teacher has a coffee morning to which parents/carers are invited. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your child’s new class teacher and find out about the curriculum, routines and expectations for the year ahead. We also have curriculum workshops occasionally which help parents/carers to understand how we teach literacy and numeracy in school.


  • Parent and Carer Evenings

    We hold formal consultations for parents twice a year. The first takes place in the autumn and the second takes place in the spring term. Parents’ Evenings are extremely important and we expect you to attend. If you are unable to attend, your child’s class teacher will be able to arrange an alternative time for you. In the summer term parents are invited in to school during the day to look at children’s work and celebrate their achievements.


  • Written Reports

    You will receive an annual written report on your child’s progress towards the end of the summer term. Your comments on this report are always valued. If parents and carers wish to talk to their child’s teacher about any aspect of the report they can make an appointment to do so in the final two weeks of the term.


  • Reading Record/Link Book

    Each child has a link book (Reception) or a reading record (Y1-4) where teachers and teaching assistants make a record of individual reading practice and books read in school. It is essential that parents inform teachers of what has been read at home so that children can progress onto the next book in the box.


  • School Concerts and Celebrations

    There are several events planned each year to which parents are invited. These include Harvest Festival, Christmas performances, Class Assemblies, Celebrations of Learning, Sports Day, Open Afternoons, Summer Fair, Christmas Fair…


  • Sharing Your Skills and Expertise

    We’d love to hear from you if you have a skill, hobby or expertise in an area which links to our curriculum. Some of our parents come into school regularly to support learning in science, art, baking and cooking, etc. and this help is always extremely welcome.