Communication Between School and Parents/Carers




As you can see, our website has a wealth of information for parents and carers. All of the planned events are listed on the calendar so you can keep your diary up to date. We also have policies, information about the Trust, newsletters, curriculum information, etc.



We use an app called ParentMail to communicate with parents/carers. ParentMail allows school to email and send text messages quickly and securely. 

Class teachers will email a class newsletter at the beginning of each half detailing the routines and learning for their class as well as detailed curriculum information. These are also saved on the 'Newsletters' page of the school website.

Whole school newsletters are sent regularly (usually every 2-3 weeks) and contain important dates and information. These are also saved on the 'Newsletters' page of the school website.

All parents/carers are encouraged to download the ParentMail app and turn on notifications to ensure all communications are received in good time.

We may also send you information from outside providers eg. promoting opportunities for children, information from school health, eSafety advice, etc.

If you are experiencing any problems connecting with ParentMail, please contact the school office.



Those of you who like to Tweet can find us at @Havannah1st. We use the account to give extra snippets of daily news and to promote and celebrate the work of the school to our followers. 


Contacting Parents

If we need to contact you in an emergency we will either telephone (usually in the event of a child feeling unwell or having an accident) or text (usually for urgent messages to groups of parents such as school closure in bad weather or the cancellation of a club). Teachers or non teaching staff will contact parents and carers in the appropriate way if they need to report an incident or inform you about something significant which has happened in school.

We send texts to the first contact on ParentMail if your child has had a headbump. This is so that you can monitor your child at home in the evening. We do this even when the bump seems insignificant and your child is not hurt.


Contacting School

Parents and carers should contact the school immediately if they have any concerns, in all cases teachers and non-teaching staff will always have time to listen. We also need to know if circumstances change at home, if there has been a significant change or event in the family (bereavement, new baby, new house, new living arrangements etc.) as this helps us to support children effectively through times of change or difficulties. Parents and carers must also notify school immediately of any changes to contact details, including mobile numbers as they are used by the school’s text service and to contact you in an emergency.