How do we evaluate the effectiveness of SEN provision?

At the termly review meetings, the progress made by individual pupils with SEND is discussed and explained to their parents, and the views of parents on how successful the provision has been in enabling them to attain their outcomes is sought.   This feeds into the targets set for the child on their next Support Plan. 


The progress and attainment of those children with SEND is measured termly by the SENCO (who is also the Assistant Head teacher), and discussed with the Senior Leadership Team during pupil progress meetings. This enables the provision for each child to be evaluated.  We aim for all children, including those with SEND, to make at least expected progress throughout each school year and we expect them to meet the targets they have been set.  If the termly data suggests that the progress made keeps them on track for meeting their targets, we know their provision is successful; if the progress made suggests they may not meet their targets, we know provision needs to be changed in order to ensure they do. 


The SENCO compiles an annual report about the attainment of children with SEND data and this is shared with the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body.  It is also available for any required external moderation, e.g. Ofsted, and shared with parents via the school website.