The Role of the Governing Body

School Governors work closely with staff at Havannah First School to establish the school’s strategic direction and to ensure accountability and financial probity.

The Governing Body meets four times a year as a whole group and at other times as members of various committees. School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They can only act collectively, not individually. The Governors are made up of parents, members of staff, Gosforth Schools’ Trust representatives and community representatives.

Parent Governors:

  • Have at least one child on roll in the School
  • Are elected by parents of children at the School
  • Serve for a period of four years
  • Represent the views of parents to the Governing Body but speak and act as individuals

Community Governors:

  • Are appointed by the Governing Body
  • Typically have a specific skill or expertise that will prove helpful to the Governing Body
  • Serve for a period of four years

Staff Governors:

  • Must be employed by HFS
  • Are elected by all staff employed by Havannah First School
  • Serve for a period of four years

Foundation Trust Governors:

  • Are appointed by the Gosforth Schools’ Trust
  • Act as a link between the work of the trust and the school
  • Serve for a period of four years


Committees and Committee Membership

Appointments Committees

Headteacher / Deputy Headteacher

The Appointments Committees support the school’s senior leaders to recruit staff.

Tony Purdie (Chair), plus a minimum of two other governors appointed by the full GB.

Headteacher to attend and contribute in the appointment of Deputy Headteacher, but not vote.

Main Scale / Non-Teaching

Headteacher Performance Review

Employment Terms and Conditions (ET & C) Committee

Appeals (Discipline, Discretionary Awards, Dismissal, Grading, Grievance, Pay and Redundancy & HT’s Performance Review)

Any three governors who have not been involved in the original decision will convene as a committee to hear appeals.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, which is responsible for monitoring the school finances and budget, ensuring the school is financially accountable and following agreed financial procedures. 

In-Year Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee makes decisions regarding in-year admissions, always following statutory guidance and agreed policies.

Learning and Curriculum


Link Governors

Link Governors visit school regularly and work alongside staff and children as well as supporting the school to evaluate areas of its work and report back to the Governing Body.