Social, Emotional and Mental Health Issues

For example:

  • Social Difficulties
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Emotional Difficulties


Types of support and provision that are currently available in our school

  •   Our Behaviour Management policy provides support for all children in school to develop the skills and awareness needed to recognise the need to behave appropriately in different situations.
  •   If required, a behaviour plan can be written for individual children to support their development of this awareness.
  •   Risk assessments are carried out to ensure the safety and inclusion of all pupils in all activities
  •   Older children in school take on roles as Buddies and Playleaders to support the development of social interaction skills in others as well as themselves.
  •   According to the needs of the individual and the task involved, we offer one to one or group (up to 4 children) sessions to help develop or improve social interaction skills and emotional resilience.
  •   An emotional story telling group can be run to develop emotional literacy and coping strategies for situations which a child may find challenging.
  •   ‘Kalmer Counselling’ run sessions for individual children who are identified as benefitting from this service (with parental consent).
  •   Tailored support can be made available for individual children should they have a special emotional need e.g. bereavement.
  •   We make referrals to specialists outside of the school where appropriate (Educational Psychology Service, CYPS)
  •   Additional assessments are also available that focus on emotional development.
  •   Strategies to reduce anxiety e.g. 5 point scale.
  •   The residential trip to Robinwood for children in Y4 is an opportunity to help to develop social, emotional and behavioural resilience and promote independence.
  • The role of ‘Buddies’ and ‘Playground Leaders’ as well as the promotion of the ‘Golden Rules’ across the school help to promote and improve emotional and social development, as well as to minimise the potential for bullying.